all flowers in time turn toward the sun…………………..


Martin Margiela, Spring–Summer 1994Photography Anders Edström

Street Magazine Volumes 1 & 2 (1999)


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it really is time for a massive life overhaul.

[Alek Wek at Chanel Haute Couture, Fall 1999]

Martin Margiela, Spring–Summer 1989Photography Barbara Katz

Street Magazine Volumes 1 & 2 (1999)

W.&L.T. autumn—winter 1997—98.
Show: January 1997 at the Espace W.&L.T. at St. Denis, Paris, France.Setting: A simultaneous show on 3 parallel catwalks. Behind a transparent gaze, the models could be seen moving from catwalk to catwalk. Each entrance had light journals with different slogans flashing by. Styling: American Avatar: 40 models, strong but boyish, with transparent blindfolds like young Superheroes. African Avatar: 40 models looking like W.& L.T. Warriors, with metal headframes and ‘projected’ war make-up. Asian Avatar: 40 girls introducing the first W.& L.T. Women’s wear Collection, inspired by Ladybugs. All eyes were veiled with white transparent gauze with applied sparkling sequins. 120 hats designed by Stephen Jones crowned this collection.Invitation: ‘Kiss the Future!’-scarf with Puk-Puk badge.
Walter Van Beirendonck: A show is in the end a very important occasion. For a brief moment it gives you power over space and time. It gives you a number of opportunities which are not present in other media or in other forms of presentation. I find preparing a show very pleasant work. It is an opportunity to work out and realise my fantasies in greater detail. Fortunately I often get the chance to work on a large budget, so that I can enjoy the medium to the full. 

i came to your party dressed as a shadow…